JPMorgan: The rally in U.S. stocks could abruptly come to an abrupt halt at any moment

The US stock market has shown active growth over the last five months. However, the rally can break at any moment without warning, according to JPMorgan. Extreme concentration of buyers has created conditions for a sharp correction, and it is not clear at what point it will happen, reports Business Insider words of the leading global equity strategist of the bank Dubravko Lakos-Bouhas.

For the collapse may not need a catalyst - it can happen suddenly, as it has happened in the past, the expert said. If one major fund begins to close some positions, others may follow suit, which will cause an impulsive, growing fall.

Players are chasing the shares of technological leaders, and there are already signs of cooling, expressed in the fall of securities Apple and Tesla - since the beginning of the year, they have lost 11.9% and 30.69% respectively.

Such a high concentration of buyers, as now, was observed only three times after the crash of 2008, followed by a correction in the short term, warned the strategist.