JPMorgan sees no reason for the Fed to move to a rate cut

According to JPMorgan, the U.S. economy is doing quite well, which does not give the Fed a good reason to start cutting rates right now. This was stated by the bank's strategist Oksana Aronov in a conversation with CNBC, reports Business Insider.

In her opinion, the U.S. economy is "feeling good." At the same time, unemployment is below the Fed's neutral mark, and inflation is above target and, according to the regulator's assessment, will remain at this level in the long term. The GDP growth forecast for this year has improved - the central bank raised it to 2.1% from December's 1.4%. Nothing has broken in the economy, so it's hard to understand why monetary policy should be eased, Aronov said.

The opinion that rates in the U.S. will not be reduced this year, shares a number of other economists, for example, Thorsten Slok from Apollo.

Other experts believe that yesterday's collapse of a bridge in Baltimore as a result of a tanker collision may spur inflation in the U.S., which will prompt the Fed to postpone rate cuts, Bloomberg writes.