U.S. and European stock exchanges closed in the negative on the back of the Friday’s employment report

Key stock indices in the U.S. and Europe closed yesterday's trading falling - the employment report published on Friday in the United States somewhat cooled investor optimism regarding the imminent The report on employment in the United States published on Friday cooled investors' optimism about the Fed's rate cut, according to the agency "Prime". At the end of the day Dow Jones fell by 0.71%, S&P 500 - by 0.32%, Nasdaq - by 0.20%. В Europe negative dynamics was less active - German DAX lost 0.08%, British FTSE 100 and French CAC 40 - 0.04% and 0.03% respectively.

After the release on Friday of stronger data on the labor market than expected, market participants lost hope. expected, market participants have lost hope that the Fed will soon move to reduce interest rates. will soon move to reduce the key rate, the portal writes. The January statistical data showed a more active growth of the level of employment and the fastest rate of increase in wages and salaries for two years. wages. Pressure on the indices was also exerted by the escalation of Tensions in the Middle East, in particular, the new U.S. strikes on targets of groups linked to Iran.