Downloading Esplanade Market Solutions

iPhone, iPad and Android

Commercial application for iPhones from Esplanade Market Solutions provides an easy access to your MT4 trading terminal. This mobile application offers opportunities for trading at any moment and from anywhere in the world. Commercial application for iPhones offers an easy access to historical data, as well as to various graphs helping in markets analyzing.
DOWNLOAD MetaTrader 4 – iPhone and iPad DOWNLOAD MetaTrader 4 – Android Key advantages of MetaTrader 4:
  • free downloading and operation;
  • intuitive interface, efficiency and ease of studying (before starting trading);
  • power, speed, reliability at very easy and convenient operation;
  • complement of multiple features with extensive customization options;
  • opportunity to work both with real (trading) and demonstrative accounts, which allows you without any risks and expenses to evaluate the terminal capabilities, as well as to test trading strategies;
  • availability of mobile trading;
  • opportunity to develop and to use automated trading software (Expert Advisors, EA) on the basis of MetaTrader 4 platform, as well as own trading advisers and technical indicators, created using MQL 4 trading strategies language;
  • “Trading Signals” social trading service support;
  • Receiving financial news and technical analysis data.
The software is available when you open a demo account and a live (trading) account. If you are not familiar with this software solution, you can always get professional help in installing, configuring and working with the platform, just contacting our customer support center (its contact details are indicated in Esplanade MT4 User Guide).