The Fed left the rate unchanged, but it is opposed to rapid policy easing

The key rate in the US remained unchanged according to the decision of the Federal Reserve, announced after yesterday's meeting. The head of the central bank Jerome Powell admitted that its level (5.25 - 5.5%) may be the maximum in the current upward cycle, but he spoke out against the rapid transition to its reduction - this, according to him, could nullify the success in the fight against inflation, as a result of which it would have to tighten monetary policy even more, reports RBC.

Although the rise in inflation has slowed, it is still too high. Evidence of the sustainability of its decline must be constant to convince the Fed that it has indeed gone down, Powell said. If necessary, he is willing to continue to keep the rate at an elevated level. At the same time, the head of the Fed believes that this year it will be appropriate to move to lower the latter; this opinion, according to him, is shared by all members of the committee.