Robert Kiyosaki warns of the risk of a stock market crash US

Despite the rise in U.S. stock indices in recent days, best-selling author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and investor Robert Kiyosaki warns against excessive optimism about it. According to his assessment, the U.S. stocks and bonds are waiting for an imminent collapse, as the current rally is artificial and supported by the growth of IT-giants, reports his words.

The main U.S. stock indices ended Thursday and Friday with active growth, the S&P 500 updated the absolute maximum. This was facilitated by positive financial results of large companies, as well as exceeded expectations data on employment in the U.S. in January. However, the expert points out that the state of affairs in the country's economy in reality is much worse than it may seem. The stock market is driven by leading IT corporations such as Apple, Amazon, Alphabet and others, which receive subsidies from the state, and this is artificial support.