Investments are yielding less today than they did during the global crisis – Bloomberg

Direct investments are currently generating extremely low returns. Payments received by investors from investment funds last year were lower than the figures observed during the global crisis, writes with reference to Bloomberg. The corresponding calculations were made by the investment bank Raymond James Financial, the edition specifies.

According to the bank, the amounts paid by investment funds amount to only 11.2% of their net assets in monetary terms, which is the lowest value since the crisis. In addition, the average for the last 25 years was more than twice as high - at 25%.

Problems in the private equity sector are having a negative impact on investor sentiment, the publication notes. New funds have been harder to raise in recent years; they are down 29% in 2023. Raymond James called it the worst result since the global recession. This year, according to the bank, the situation is not expected to improve.