Highlights of this week’s events

Market participants are preparing for a number of important events this week. Today, statistics on inflation in the United States are expected to be released, and on Wednesday, the heads of China and the United States, Xi Jinping and Joe Biden, are scheduled to meet. According to Reuters, it will discuss a wide range of issues affecting both political and foreign trade spheres. In addition, a number of major retailers, including Walmart, are preparing to publish their financial reports during the week.

The main attention of market participants is focused on inflation in the United States. It is predicted that in October it decreased by 0.4 percentage points in annual terms compared to September and will amount to 3.3%. Analysts expect it to slow down in monthly terms - to 0.1% from September's 0.4%. Based on the results, players will try to draw conclusions about the Fed's next steps, especially since Jerome Powell said last week that he was ready to continue the fight against high prices by tightening monetary policy.